This CD was recorded on August 8th, 1973 Live at the Red Noodle Waikiki, Hawai.

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"After Frank - 1st Movement"


Napoleon Murphy Brock with Gregarious Movement.

Napoleon Murphy Brock was discovered by Frank Zappa in 1972 whil playing R&B covers at a Waikiki, Hawaii nightclub. A few months later, Brock was in Zappa’s band and stayed on for four years, after which he put together a group called Gregarious Movement. This live recording from 1977 captures Napi’s band doing what they did best - putting their own imprint on soul classics.

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Greg Russo's original songs, along with a cover of a lesser-known Dylan tune (If You Gotta Go, Go Now), are realized by musicians connected to the music of Frank Zappa. The result is a CD full of stellar performances and highly melodic songs, with real people playing real instruments - remember those days?
Guests include Candy Zappa (Frank's sister), Nolan Porter (who recorded with members of The Mothers Of Invention just after their breakup), acclaimed mid-'70s Zappa vocalist Napoleon Murphy Brock, '60s surf instrumentalists The Tornadoes, André Cholmondeley (lead and rhythm guitars) and Glenn Leonard (drums) from the noted FZ tribute band Project/Object, drummer Jon Braun from Pennsylvania band The Insidious Rays, violinist extraordinaire Joe Deninzon and trumpeter Dave Ballou.
With Greg Russo on keyboards, his brother Jeff on bass, André Cholmondeley on all guitars and the above musicians on the rest of the album, Neonfire has created a unique sound influenced by music from the '60s to the present.

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Napoleon Murphy Brock has put together a CD of pure brilliance and beauty. Teaming with spiritual wonderment, the music has a message for all humans on this planet!

The songs range from rock, classical, R&B, Gospel, rap and Zappa influences. Special guests include Chester Thompson (drummer for Zappa, Weather Report, Phil Collins, and Genesis) and many other notable and recognizable musicians from throughout the music industry.

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