Napoleon Murphy Brock has put together a CD of pure brilliance and beauty. Teaming with spiritual wonderment, the music has a message for all humans on this planet!

The songs range from rock, classical, R&B, Gospel, rap and Zappa influences. Special guests include Chester Thompson (drummer for Zappa, Weather Report, Phil Collins, and Genesis) and many other notable and recognizable musicians from throughout the music industry.

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Title Time Lyrics
Steady Freddy 4:46 more...
Hi Mom I Love You 4:46 more...
Tv Theme 4:17
Tra-Lynn (Tracy Lynn) 3:09 more...
Sweet Sweet Pain 4:46 more...
Patient 2:51
Let Me Still Be Me 5:33 more...
Kari 4:10
Tra-Lynn Pt. 2 3:10
Somebody For Everybody 3:25 more...