A window in my world with my roommate Sammie Two Too


Now about my roommate, Sammie Two Too. I am attaching some photos with captions of what she was saying at the time the photo was taken. We have between us a thing called, "THOUGHT TRANSFERENCE". She or I will put a thought in the air, and she or I will pick up that thought like in normal conversation. I'm sure you have the same communication tool with "Sparkplug".

When I come home from tour, she stays with me for the first three days just make up for lost cuddling and spooning time when we sleep at night. But normally, she will wake me each morning, like clockwork, to let her out each morning so that she can go on "MOUSE PATROL". Sometimes she will bring back a live mouse in the house, or leave a dead on my porch just let me know that she was on the job. But when she goes on "mouse patrol", she always goes at 4am, because she always spends her days across the street, in an industrial park with her boy friend. She does this at 4am because she can see the headlights of the cars coming, and then cross the streets, 4 lanes safely. And then, she comes home everyday after sundown, also when she can see the headlights of the cars. And of course, cross safely. I taught her to come to a special whistle that I do, and I also taught it to the young man that feeds her for me. So she knows when he is there to feed her, and then she goes back across the street until the next day for scheduled dinner time. When I'm gone, she only eats once a day. And most of the time only once a day when I am home. But between 7pm and 4am, she can eat as much as a hand full of dry food, two cans of Friskies, and a whole beef taco, but not the shell's. And always the first day that I return from tour, it's always, a hand full of dry Friskies, one whole can of Friskies, and a can of Albacore Tuna. Smileeeee I took time to put captions on each photo, so that you will know what she said, or is saying. Smileeeee Enjoy!!